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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Papua New Guinea

Australie & Pacifique

Localisation: Oceania, group of islands including the eastern half of the island of New Guinea between the Coral Sea and the South Pacific Ocean, east of Indonesia
Coordonnées géographiques: 6° 0' S, 147° 0' E
Côte: 5,152 km km
Climat: tropical; northwest monsoon (December to March), southeast monsoon (May to October); slight seasonal temperature variation
Relief: mostly mountains with coastal lowlands and rolling foothills
Sommets: lowest point: Pacific Ocean 0 m highest point: Mount Wilhelm 4,509 m
Risques naturels: active volcanism; situated along the Pacific "Ring of Fire"; the country is subject to frequent and sometimes severe earthquakes; mud slides; tsunamis
Monnaie: kina (PGK)
Population: 5,795,887 (July 2007 est.)
Langues: Melanesian Pidgin serves as the lingua franca, English spoken by 1%-2%, Motu spoken in Papua region. Note: 820 indigenous languages spoken (over one-tenth of the world's total)
Capitale: Port Moresby
Découpage administratif: 20 provinces; Bougainville, Central, Chimbu, Eastern Highlands, East New Britain, East Sepik, Enga, Gulf, Madang, Manus, Milne Bay, Morobe, National Capital, New Ireland, Northern, Sandaun, Southern Highlands, Western, Western Highlands, West New Britain

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Spots de surf

Spots de surf (13)
Qualité Direction Type Fréq Experience
Go Go's - / -
Gauche Récif de corail Surfeurs expérimentés
Kavieng Rights - / -
Droite Récif de corail Surfeurs expérimentés
Kragur Village, Kairiru Island - / -
Droite et gauche Je ne sais pas Tous surfeurs
Nago's - / -
Gauche Récif de corail Tous surfeurs
Nusa Island Left - / -
Gauche Récif de corail Surfeurs expérimentés
Nusa Lik Peaks - / -
Droite et gauche Récif de corail Surfeurs expérimentés
Ral - / -
Droite Récif de corail Tous surfeurs
simberi island 3 / -
Droite et gauche Récif de corail Surfeurs expérimentés
Tupira Mira 8 / -
Droite Récif de corail Tous surfeurs
Vanimo Reef - / -
Droite et gauche Récif de corail Surfeurs expérimentés
Vanimo Village Reef - / -
Droite et gauche Récif de corail Surfeurs expérimentés
Vanimo, Twin Rocks Reef - / -
Droite et gauche Récif de corail Surfeurs expérimentés
Wutung Village Reef - / -
Droite et gauche Récif de corail Surfeurs expérimentés
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Dazza avatar
Nusa Island Left
By Dazza
Jan 22, 2009
Last Surf - Our last surf here and it just turned on. The arvo glass off was like liquid oil/gold on the surface and the sunset was reflected pink off the water. 8 of us out, shoulder high + on the sets, just perfect. An awesome wave, can't wait to surf it a

 Derniers voyages

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De 57drht57 , 07-07-2013

add on to my last comment - Despite the short surf season, PNG gets amazing surf and warm water. I've posted a few recent pictures from Tupira, check it out!

De 57drht57 , 07-07-2013

surfing PNG - I've lived, worked and surfed PNG for the last 2 years. After reading the comments on this site I have to strongly disagree with a lot of the people commenting.

As I see it, PNG has a short surf season. The surf camps will tell you October to April, in reality its more like November to February, an it won't be pumping everyday.

PNG is a great country for a surfer looking for the ultimate authentic island cultural experience.

If you've never traveled to PNG, your best bet is to book a trip through world surfaris or the perfect wave. Both are relieable surf travel agencies based in Australia.

De ??? , 23-11-2010

- Dont bother,small,fat,short inconsistent.

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