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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Atlas de spots de surf fait par des surfeurs pour les surfeurs
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 Kandui Left

Indonesia, Mentawai

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Datum: WGS84 [ Aide ]
Précision: Approximate

Historique GPS (1)

Latitude: 1° 53.966' S
Longitude: 99° 17.563' E

Notation (4)

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English (Traduisez ce texte en Français): Boatrip

English (Traduisez ce texte en Français): Boatrip

English (Traduisez ce texte en Français): Boatrip

DistanceTrip surf


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Accès spécialPar bateau seulement

 Caractéristiques du spot de surf

Autre nom candoit

Qualité du spot

Quality des vaguesClasse mondiale


FréquenceMarche assez souvant


TypeRécif de corail


FondRécif (corail, rochers coupants etc..)

PuissanceCreuse, Rapide, Puissante

Longueur normaleNormale (50 à 150m)

Longueur max.Longue (150 à 300 m)

Marées, houle et vent

Direction de la houleSud-ouest

Direction du ventNord-est

Taille de la houleCommence à marcher à Moins de 1m / 3ft et tient jusqu'à 3m+ / 10ft+

Condition de maréeMi-marée et marée basse

Mouvement de maréeMarée montante et descendante

Plus de détails

Fréquentation semaineSurpeuplé

Fréquentation week-endSurpeuplé



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- Rochers
- Constructions (bouées, digues etc..)
- Requins

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ozsurfer101 avatar
Kandui Left
By ozsurfer101
May 9, 2006
With Mentawai local - My Comments: alone with Mentawai local Kandui 3-5 feet, mid-high tide best Session Highlight: tubes virtually unmakeable. Early season no crowds. Comment on Swell, Waves and Wind: My Perfectible Points: Air Temperature: Water Temperature

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ozsurfer101 avatar
Trip: Indo 2006
By ozsurfer101
From Apr 3, 2006 to Jul 3, 2006
Uluwatu Outside Corner, Green Ball, Racetracks, Peak, Bombie, Sri Lanka, Keramas, Nusa Dua, Kandui Left, 4 bobs, Beng Beng, Pitstops, Ombuk Tudor, Ulus, Icelands, Scarecrows, Inside Tudor, Ujung Bocur, Way Jambu, Drews Right, Jimmys Right, Jimmys L


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De Anonymous , 29-08-2006

A double black run - Kandui left is a gnarly world class wave, especially when bigger. It works from 3-12 feet plus, but bigger than 5-6 feet gets nasty, as does anything on lower tides. It's very fast, powerful, and breaks like a freight train, often with perfect, long, only just makeable walls and barrels. Its a peddle-to-the-metal kind of wave, with gaping barrels. It's not unlike a big reverse Kirra on the right day. The barrels can come up very fast when you are on the face and suprise you. Sometimes you can come out relieved from one gaping barrel, only to find yourself being slotted into another barrel that comes up fast, round and swats you without mercy. At 10 feet+ (15-20+ foot faces) it can be very round and looks like a cross between Teahupoo and G-Land. When smaller and on higher tides it can be more mellow. It breaks up to about 200-300m or more, with an inside wave way further down when really big. At 10 feet+ and a light offshore it is something to behold, but not for the faint of heart.

De , 08-06-2006

deal of a lifetime - want to surf these waves with no one around? the only way is to go in the "off-season". There's still swell, sometimes, in the mentawais is overhead when flat!! The best way to do that is on the "addiction". We're staying here all winter, don't make me sit in port!! email me and let's work out a trip for cost so we can both get sick waves and stay on a sick boat. Want to explore unknown breaks? we can do that too, name your time, place and price....this is no joke

De nj is too cold , 11-03-2005

- Yes bruce and ozzie and surfing this in Campaing, also if u watch the bonus footage u can see ozzie bruce and sam hammer from good old lavalette, new jersey (it sucks so much here in new jersey) charging nie sized kandui left

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