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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Miramar Surf Camp 2011 consists of 2 large compounds with 8 full equipped Ac rooms which sits upon a half Acre. We have ample parking , Surf Front Pool , Restaurant area , game Area ( Ping Pong , Basketball , darts , video games ... ) and surf font chill out spots , in addition of hammocks , rocking chairs and quality mattresses to make your stay comfortable before and after surf

We are strategically positioned right in front of one of the best reef breaks of Nicaragua, in a place blessed by waves all over and Off shore winds. It's not necessary have a car to surf Our area , Here you have access to many waves within walking distance and our own boat that provide the best service for surf Puerto Sandino 03:44

Puerto Sandino

A nice offshore, bit closeout day in Whitsand Bay, Cornwall 05:56

Whitsand Bay

In collaboration with Timeslice Films, Rip Curl took on an ambitious bullet-time campaign shoot in Malaysia's Sunway Lagoon Wavepool with lead surfers Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore, Owen Wright and Matt Wilkinson.

The revolutionary campaign captures surfing in a way never seen before, with the final visuals baring more resemblance to a fight scene from the famous Matrix movies than a promotional surfing video.

The two-day rental of Sunway Lagoon Wavepool allowed Rip Curl and Timeslice to operate in a more stable environment than the open ocean offers. The Rip Curl surfers were repeatedly towed into the machine-controlled waves by Jetski and their operational space was determined by the 52-camera rig set up in the pool. 

You can view more clips on the below links:
Rip Curl Mirage Feature Clip ::
Rip Curl Mirage Behind the scenes Clip ::
Rip Curl Mirage Mick Fanning Clip ::
Rip Curl Mirage Stef GIlmore Clip ::
Rip Curl Mirage Owen Wright Clip ::
Rip Curl Mirage Matt Wilko Clip :: 01:04

Sunway Lagoon

Primeras olas en el maresme (MASNOU, CABRERA) 01:24


  Quoi de neuf

  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] Kingston Australia, Norfolk Island
  • 30 août 
    [ Photo ] Ball Bay Australia, Norfolk Island. Ball Bay on a classic day.
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] Ball Bay Australia, Norfolk Island
  • 30 août 
    [ Photo ] Cemetery Bay Australia, Norfolk Island.
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] Cemetery Bay Australia, Norfolk Island
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] Bumboras Australia, Norfolk Island
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] raps Costa Rica, Guanacaste
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] Kuta Indonesia, Lombok
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] Grupuk Indonesia, Lombok
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] Sereweh Indonesia, Lombok
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] Lagoinha do Leste Brazil, Florianopolis
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] Tandjungs Indonesia, Bali
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] tanjung left Indonesia, Bali
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] Black Rocks Jetty Reunion
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] Seaburn UK, Borders and NE England
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] Daly Heads Australia, SA, York Peninsula
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] Kokkerot South Africa, Cape Town
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] Lahinch beach Ireland, West
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] Lahinch Left Ireland, West
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] Barrtrá Ireland, West
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] Doolin point Ireland, West
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] Crab Island Ireland, West
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] Aileens Ireland, West
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] Doonbeg castle Ireland, West
  • 30 août 
    [ Spot ] Cream point Ireland, West

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  • 02 mai 
    [ Info ] New Wannasurf : What do you think about ? The layout of Wannasurf has totally changed. Tell us what do you think about on the forum !

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  • 02 mai 
    [ Info ] Wannasurf - Maintenance ! The maintenance is on. We will open wannasurf gradually. Be patient ! :-)
  • 27 avril 
    [ Info ] Wannasurf major upgrade Wannasurf will be closed on Saturday 1st, may 2010 (between 2 PM to 6 PM GMT) for maintenance reason. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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